I had been searching for a professional quality CNC router that would not cost me a fortune for a long time, read up on all the forum i could find, ask people and friend in the field but most if not all said that same old cliché that you get what you pay for. I know from experience that this is not true, a lot of times we pay way more that what things are worth and the CNC field is no different. All it takes are some easy calculations. Why do people think that a , lets say “American made” machine would be superior to, lets say a Taiwan made machine. the simple answer is that it is not better. The hard thing is to find a company that do quality work that can compete with the best of any country. That became my mission. and these machines here what came from my searches. And they are affordable.

The ranges of machines we sell are from 30cm*30cm to large machines of almost any size for any need. Not showing yet on the page are our high quality laser machines. All machines are well gone through, tested and fine tuned before they reach its owner. On our pages you will find various machines for different applications, which have been proven superior in design and accuracy towards most competitors.

All our machines can be constructed to your personal needs. for example, if you need a larger working area, if you need servo motor instead of stepper motor, if you need stronger spindles or even several spindles on the same machine doing same work or even different work on each spindle, if you need higher Z axis movement or other guide rails than what comes in the basic setup we will accommodate every individual need you might have.